Philosophy 100, Fall  ‘02 — Logic                                                     1-2 MWF, 12-1 Th  MI 213

D. Vessey                                363-2146 (Office)                               Office Hours: 210 MI                                                                             2-4MW, 1-3 Th

                                                                                                            and by appointment

Required Texts:

            Bergmann, et al, The Logic  Book

            Bergmann, et al,  Selected Solutions to The Logic  Book

            and additional photocopied material


Course Content

Nothing sharpens one’s critical/analytical abilities as well as logic. This course focuses on formal, symbolic, deductive logic.  By formal we mean that we are concerned with the generic form of arguments, regardless of their particular content. By symbolic we mean that we will be analyzing these generic argument forms in symbolic notation. By deductive we mean we are concerned with a certain type of argument: those arguments in which the premises, if true, are structurally related to guarantee the truth of the conclusion.


Course Method

The course is divided into four parts: one week of informal logic, five weeks of sentential logic (the logic of sentences), five weeks of predicate logic (the logic of properties) and one week of applications. There will be a large test after each of the two larger sections and a comprehensive final test, however the core of the course is built around weekly exams. Every Friday (more or less) there will be an exam on the material covered during the week.  In addition there will be daily assignments to help you prepare for the exam. You may work with others on the daily assignments, but you must write up your answers separately. They will not be collected nor graded, but they will be noted as done, partially done, or not done. To be done does not mean getting every problem correct; it means demonstrating a concerted effort to solve every problem. Partially done means that a majority of the problems have been completed, and no credit will be given if none, or only some, have been worked through.  There will also be short exam at the end of the section on applications.  No assignments will be accepted after the start of class and no exams will be given at any time besides the scheduled time. Your success in the class has little to do with what occurs in class.  Rather class meetings are mere means for facilitating your work outside class and the expectation is that you will work at least two hours outside of class for every hour in class.  Like so many activities, the key to developing your logical acumen is repetition. I encourage you to do as many problems as you can—both from those assigned and from those not assigned—to prepare yourself for class and the tests. The exams will be run on the honor policy. They will not be proctored and you will be asked to sign a pledge that you have neither given, nor received, nor witnessed unauthorized aid on the exam. Violations of the honor policy will most likely result in removal from the class. If you have a disability and would like to speak to someone about possible accommodations, please visit the LSSC (Learning Support Services Center) located on the first floor of Porter Hall. You will need to provide appropriate documentation of your disability to Diane Arnzen, Director of the LSSC. If you wish to receive accommodations in my class please provide me the LSSC Accommodation Verification Letter dated for this semester as soon as possible so your learning needs may be appropriately met.


Daily Assignments/Attendance: 15%      Weekly Exams: 30%                   Applications Exam: 10%

                                             Two Larger Tests and Final Exam: 15% each   



Required Texts:

            Bergmann, et al, The Logic  Book

            Bergmann, et al,  Selected Solutions to The Logic  Book

            and additional photocopied material



1. Wed., Aug. 28                     Introduction


2. Thurs., Aug. 29                   Informal Logic


3. Fri., Aug. 30                        Informal Logic



4. Mon., Sept. 2                       Informal Logic

                                                Problem Set 1.3E, 1.4E Due


5. Wed., Sept. 4                       Informal Logic

                                                Problem Set 1.5E, 1.6E Due


6. Thurs., Sept. 5                     Informal Logic

                                                Problem Set 1.7E Due


7. Fri., Sept. 6                          Exam 1



8. Mon., Sept. 9                       Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 2.1E Due


9. Wed., Sept. 11                     Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 2.2E Due


10. Thurs., Sept. 12                 Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 2.4E Due


11. Fri., Sept. 13                      Exam 2



12. Mon., Sept. 16                   Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 3.1E Due


13. Wed., Sept. 18                   Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 3.2E Due


14. Thurs., Sept. 19                 Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 3.3E Due


15. Fri., Sept. 20                      Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 3.4E Due



16. Mon., Sept. 23                   Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 3.5E Due


17. Wed., Sept. 25                   Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 3.6E Due


18. Thurs., Sept. 26                 Exam 3


19. Fri., Sept. 27                      Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 5.1.1E, 5.1.2E, 5.1.3E Due



20. Mon., Sept. 30                   Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 5.1.4E Due


21. Wed., Oct.  2                     Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 5.2E Due


22. Thurs., Oct.  3                   Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 5.4E Part I Due


23. Fri., Oct.  4                        Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 5.4E Part II Due



24. Mon., Oct.  7                     Sentential Calculus

                                                Problem Set 5.5E Due


25. Wed., Oct.  9                     Exam 4


26. Thurs., Oct.  10                 Review


27. Fri., Oct.  11                      Test 1:  Sentential Calculus





28. Mon, Oct. 21                     Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 7.2E, 7.3E Due


29. Wed., Oct. 23                    Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 7.4E Due


30. Thurs., Oct. 24                  Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 7.5E, 7.6E Due


31. Fri., Oct. 25                       Exam 5



32. Mon., Oct. 28                    Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 7.7E Due


33. Wed., Oct. 30                    Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 7.8E Due


34. Thurs., Oct. 31                  Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 7.9E Due


35. Fri., Nov. 1                        Exam 6




36. Mon., Nov. 4                     Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 8.1E Due


37. Wed., Nov. 6                     Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 8.2E. and 8.3E Due


38. Thurs., Nov. 7                   Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 8.4E Due


39. Fri., Nov. 8                        Exam 7



40. Mon., Nov. 11                   Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 10.1.1E Due


Wed., Nov. 13                         No Class


41. Thurs., Nov. 14                 Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 10.1.4E Due


42. Fri., Nov. 15                      Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 10.2E Due



43. Mon., Nov. 18                   Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 10.4E Due


44. Wed., Nov. 20                   Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 10.4E Due


45. Thurs., Nov. 21                 Predicate Calculus

                                                Problem Set 10.5E Due


46. Fri., Nov. 22                      Exam 8



47. Mon., Nov. 25                   Review


48. Wed., Nov. 27                   Test 2: Predicate Calculus




49. Mon, Dec. 2                      Supreme  Court Applications 

50. Wed, Dec. 4                      Supreme  Court Applications 

51. Thur, Dec. 5                      Supreme  Court Applications 

52. Fri, Dec. 6                         Supreme  Court Applications 


53. Mon, Dec. 9                      Supreme  Court Applications  Exam

54. Wed, Dec. 11                    Review/Evaluations